“Today is my 80th day sober!”

Dear Mark, me and my family will forever be grateful to you for you have truly saved my life. First time I tried to quit was after I woke up in hospital as a result of a drunken stupid fight. I talked to my doctor, he referred me to an addiction counselor, but even after a number of expensive sessions I found myself back to my addiction.

Second time I tried to quit was after I drove my fist through a glass window during an argument with my wife…I needed 12 stitches in my forearm. This time I went to my local AA, but not being a religious man I was turned off by their ‘the-solution-is-in-god’ approach.

Fast forward to three months ago, I crashed my car into an old couple’s front porch after a heavy night of drinking at the pub. Thankfully they weren’t hurt, but I suffered a concussion. The next day, I realized I really had a problem and that it was time I got serious about quitting.

This time, I came across your system and felt it was right for me. I’m so thankful I did as today is my 80th day sober and I never felt happier in my whole life!

Jake Brown

Alabama, USA

“Today I am celebrating 1 year sober!”

In one year I went through a divorce and the loss of my mother. I was depressed and lonely, and a glass soon turned into two bottles of wine every day. I was gaining weight, had chronic headaches, and my depression kept getting worse.

Yet no matter how hard I tried to tone down my drinking, I couldn’t do a whole day without the wine.

I’m not sure what I expected when I joined your program but it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was able to quit drinking for good, and your daily emails kept me in check and motivated.

Today I am celebrating 1 year sober and felt it was right to send you an update. I have gotten over my divorce and came to terms with my loss. I feel stronger every day and look forward to each new day.

Mary Sheridan

London, UK

“It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor.”

Alcohol Free Forever is a lifesaver. Your guide was extremely eye-opening and the daily emails made it extremely easy to quit and to establish a routine that did not involve alcohol. The first couple of days were challenging but I was able to deal with the withdrawal symptoms using your techniques and recommendations and every day after that I was desiring alcohol less and less. It is now been 30 days and I no longer crave the liquor. Thank you.

John McBride

Glasgow, UK

“I’ll be recommending your guide…”

After receiving an email from you every day for 35 days, I thought it was my turn to write to you. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for finally helping me quit and that I’ll be recommending your guide to two people who I know are struggling with the habit. Like me, they’re not people who’d enjoy going to AA meetings so I know they’ll be glad to learn about alcohol free forever.

Sean Roberts

California, USA

“Quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions…”

Like you, I had struggled with alcohol abuse for a long time (over 8 years more or less) and I had tried, unsuccessfully, to quit several times.

I just couldn’t do meetings – I always felt I didn’t belong there even though I know that I did have a problem controlling my drinking.

Your system helped me quit drinking without having to go through humiliating sessions; surprisingly it was much much easier than I thought. I guess the hypnosis audio track really does work. Thank you Mark.

Jeremy Barnes

New York, USA

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